Long Island MacArthur Airport
Long Island, NY

Second Wind Airpark is home to approximately 50 general aviation aircraft. With both heated and non-heated hangars, we are able to meet the needs of the most particular corporate aircraft owner as well as the homebuilder working on that first airplane. Accommodations are comfortable for aviation businesses and individual owners alike. We also have tie down spaces with electricity for wintertime engine heaters and running water for washing your plane in itís own tiedown during the spring and summer.

The larger box hangar units each have their own restroom facilities and a mezzanine of steel and concrete construction, enabling an extra 1,200 - 1,300 square feet of additional floor space in the unit that is separate from the hangar floor. Each mezzanine is also separately heated from the main hangar space.

All hangars have electric bifold doors. Additionally, the large hangar doors are equipped with an automatic locking system - no struggling with stiff levers and hung-up cables. Simply push the button and the doors will either lock or unlock for you.

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  • On-site maintenance facility.

  • 100LL and JetA available.

  • All hangars have Schweiss electric bi-fold doors with
        automatic latching.

  • 24/7 Access to site by personal electronic gate key.

  • Pilot lounge with Cable TV and Internet access.

  • Internet, Cable TV, telephone available in all hangars.

  • Private, secure location.

  • Box hangars have private restroom in each unit.

  • Heated units have radiant heating (hot water in floor)
        systems, featuring fast recovery even on cold days with
        no noisy blowers.

  • All tie-down spaces have both electric and water.

  • Plane washing facilities at several locations for all

  • Secure overnight parking if you choose not to put
        your car in your hangar.

  • Box Hangar building

    T hangar building

    T hangar building

    Taxiways are large and unobstructed

    Tie down area

    Room for all your toys

    Plenty of open spaces

    Hangar Mezzanine

    View of hangar from mezzanine

    Schweiss bi-fold doors

    Pilot's lounge

    Pilot's lounge

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    For more information or to tour the facility, please call Fred Coste at:
    November Romeo, LLC
    1640 Lincoln Avenue
    P.O. Box 43
    Holbrook, NY 11741
    tel: 631-588-2116
    fax: 631-588-2147
    cell: 631-523-5407
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